The Pirate package is intended for those seeking a more intense and complete with water sports touchdown, plus the exciting wonderful and enriching experience of living in coexistence with coworkers who made this adventure, bringing not only fun.


As always, first there will be a lecture of 45 minutes to learn the basics. After this, you will practice each sport, always with safety and security.


The course duration is 12 hours over 4 days and will be held in the mornings. Gymkhana, pedalos, table tennis, beach volleyball, football or what our students want: After taking the course are proposed extra activities.


Our facilities will be at your service after performing scheduled activities. And finally the experience will be a great evening under the starry sky of the beach where they enjoy: barbecue, mock tails, games and even a professional DJ.


It will be a unique souvenir.





- Implement different directions.


- Learn to work in teams, safety standards and value and respect the environment.


- Perform the tack and jibe false.


- Know the different motor, social and cultural possibilities offered water sports.


- Learn the importance of partnership in an adverse environment.


- To promote the spirit of excellence.





12h, spread over 4 days. Making 4 activities: windsurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking and cathamaran. Minimum groups of 15 people.

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