Kitesurfing is a form of navigation that is played on a table that is pulled by a kite. This combination enables high speeds on the water and perform spectacular jumps. This sport, despite its short history, has evolved rapidly, because it is now easier to learn, assembly equipment is comfortable and fast and is very versatile in different conditions of waves and winds. For this reason, it has acquired a large following.


To get started you do not need a special physical condition, but it is essential to know its basic principles. Not a dangerous activity, however a self-learning should not be made, because of the speeds and forces can reach.


Classes in the exclusive area of ​​the lagoon sailing school windzone.


In Wind Zone we have opted for comets type "hybrid" or "open c" with greater security and ease of paused or disempowerment. Kitesurf classes are held in a specially equipped and marked out for it, with all the safety equipment and requiring specific courses kite surfing area.


This year 2016 we changed the front area of ​​the "casita azul" by "Playa de la Gaviota" (Punta del caimán) which has great lake and area offshore sheltered from breakwater totally calm water without waves and shallowness where learning even easier, also in this area can take advantage of offshore winds for courses, this allows us to provide classes also in the mornings, our school has the exclusive right of exploitation of such space, best area of ​​the coast of Huelva to start at kitesurfing.


This new space is located at the end of the beaches of Isla Cristina alongside the jetty Stone ria races heavenly setting of clear waters and low turnout given its remoteness from access by car, our customers will have service shuttle boat, boarded the central beach from our sailing center and we leave our kite center.


Course schedule : 10:00 to 20:00
Maximum three students per instructor.
Individual equipment for each student.


Season Period Price Hours
Low October, November, December, January, February, March, April 100 € 9h
Mid May, June, 1st half July, 2nd half September 150 € 9h
High 2nd half July, August, 1st half December 180 € 9h

We have 3 kinds of courses to practice:





Refresher Course




Only at Windzone, maximum 3 students per instructor

After the course of Initiation add the days you want for 50€(3h)


Private area where our students can sail comfortably



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