The flyboarding is a new sport that is revolutionizing the nautical world. By a device attached to a jet ski, the user can be propelled under water or fly up to 12 meters high. Because of its easy and intuitive handling, you can enjoy the experience a few minutes of starting the activity.


Franky Zapata, world champion jet ski in 2008, is the inventor of the device. In 2011 the first version, which year after year has evolved to the model 2014, the most fun and sophisticated, which can enjoy Windzone, was launched.

Flyboarding is a perfect activity to practice individually and experience the feeling of rise above the sea as if you were performing a gliding, only with a table that is able to levitate over water. Its ease of use makes can soon be making simple flights, acrobatics need more flying experience.


In addition to practice individually, the Flyboard, is ideal for a truly fun times doing the activity group. Groups of friends who come to spend a few days in Isla Cristina, families or stag and hen nights.


You cannot miss the chance to feel like flying over water with the best Flyboard.



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