We currently have two centers of water sports and sailing


Windzone Sailing and water sports center, Playa Central – Central Beach


It’s located in Isla Cristina (Huelva), between pine Woods, dunes and fine sand. WindZone escuela de vela y actividades náuticas Playa Central was established in 2008 by the brothers Emilio and Javier Bogarín, with more of 15 years experience in sailing. Our teachings and judgement are based in the acquired knowledge in which the student has the leading role.

The place the center is located gathers has some of the best conditions for water sports and sailing; being surrounded by the natural beauty of a whole ecosystem of pine forests and dunes along with unbeatable weather conditions. Isla Cristina’s coastline affords sunshine and pleasant temperatures during all year. We have a system of thermal winds: northerly in the morning (from land to sea ) , and afternoon westerly , especially in summer , with an intensity of around 18 knots constantly, talk about ideal winds for our services : windsurf, cathamaran, surf, paddlesurf, flyboard, wakeboard….. apart from other activities like banana, pedalos or kayaks. Next to the beach there is an artificial rock wall that gives us calm and without strong running water.



WindZone Kitesurf&Windsurf center Playa de la Gaviota.

It is located on Playa de la Gaviota in Isla Cristina (Huelva), a paradise beach with clear  deep blue waters due to its shallow and calm waters , cinnamon coloured sand that oozes beauty and tranquility as his remoteness of the most popular beaches; from here you can admire beautiful sunsets and swaying fishing boats after the breakwater to windward.


The second center specializing in kitesurfing and windsurfing, the best settlement of the province to  start kitesurfing and windsurfing being here easier and safer thanks to the lessons are always performed in shallow water and without any waves to delay our learning thanks to the vast lagoon and offshore their low and shelter the stone jetty.


Pioneers in kitesurf and windsurf in Isla Cristina, Windzone is definitely the best, safest and professional choice when choosing your sailing school; our instructors are certified, our security systems and duly approved material and our method education stands out as the most personal of the area as only we teach kite lessons with a maximum of 3 students per instructor and a team each. Our students and clients always have a monitoring service and rescue boat if needed only in the area and an exclusive shuttle service (free taxi) in Zodiak to reach our center.


At the end of the course you’ll be delivered a card I.K.O level (international kiteboarding organization) with which you can demonstrate your level and be able to book sailing material wherever you go.


Given the conditions of our lagoon exclusively for our school we can enjoy all wind directions; with this, we ensure that you can make your courses vacation days at its disposal and at all times of the year.


Highlights also will be effective only payment of the hours made, always proceeding to the return of the proportional part of the course for reasons outside the company and client has not been able to do.


To make our classes, we have the latest in materials, thus being more accessible, easy and safe for all students. See our services for more information, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Book your course now with Windzone and the best price guaranteed



OUR KEY PRINCIPLE: Commitment, Professionalism, Safety and always Fun!


We have a chill-out area in our center in our Kitepiriña Beach Club; with a hammock area, beach umbrellas, beach volleyball field, ping pong table and music.  
All accompanied by a good refreshing drink.


In our school, international championships are held annually, such as Spain Cup Race Kite Surfing, scoring for the World Cup, and Proam Windsurfing Championship, also known as the Iberian Windsurfing Circuit.


Learn about all our classes. Do not forget to check our prices and, of course, our offers. If you have any questions, please contact us.




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